Lesson Category: Alignment Talk with the CEO

Alignment Talk by the CEO and team

Alignment Talk IX: Front Desk Training

Purpose Identify how front desk performance impacts clinical quality, RCM, Practice reputation Visualize the impact of the bottleneck problem Define WRS Methodology to solve this problem and provide value Identify VFD Service Key Values

Alignment Talk VII: Digital Pen Platform

Purpose Understanding the Technology Behind the WRS Digital Pen Platform (WRS-DPP) Understanding the types of problems that can be bridged by the WRS-DPP Understand how we approach and attempt to solve these problems with the WRS-DPP The road ahead for WRS-DPP

Alignment Talk V: Connecting Value to Software Development

Purpose: How to think about software development in the context of value in a staged and prioritized manner The importance of the definition of done  at each stage How do you determine when we are not providing value and what to do about it. To clarify the process to scale software value delivery

Alignment Talk IV: Calculating True Cost and ROI for Services Clients and Potentials

Goal: Converting “value” into a monetary framework How we can get at the core of what the client values, how this is consistent between clients How to calculate Net Gain or Profit from using WRS Services How to calculate Return on Investment for Services Clients (ROI) How the above calculations can be used when making …

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Alignment Talk II: Revenue Cycle Management System

The questions we will answer: What do you mean by a “System” or “Methodology” What is our RCM “System”? What are the values that inform our RCM System? How does software fit into the System? How do people and processes fit in the System? Can our “System” withstand the System Checklist?