Lesson Category: Alignment Talk with the CEO

Alignment Talk by the CEO and team

Alignment Talk XIX: WRS Company Goal Part II

What are the Company Goals and Why? Purpose Articulate the WRS Company Goal Categories Explain why these goals were selected and how they relate to our values Help visualize the WRS Ecosystem and Culture

Alignment Talk XVIII: Scrum, Agile, and WRS

How does SCRUM and AGILE Methodology fit into What We Do at WRS Purpose Why is Agile relevant to WRS. Review Agile principles and Agile Manifesto and how they relate to WRS Describe the Scrum framework Scrum, Sprint, stories, epics and WRS Goals Individual goals, company goals and Scrum

Alignment Talk XVI: Monthly KPI Review Meeting and Goal Progress

Purpose Define the Types of meetings and structure of meeting at WRS Review how to make a meeting Discuss 2 Goal-Focused Meetings (SPRINT Review and monthly KPI) Present the format of the monthly KPI meeting Role of the Strategic Plan Questions associated with a strategic plan Time-frame for assessing a strategic plan

Alignment Talk XV: WRS Company Goal Part I: How do I put them in action?

Purpose Define a SMART Goal and the process of creating a goal statement Review company goal categories Introduce the relationship of company meetings to our goals Understand the relationship of a milestone/ objective to a SMART GOAL Introduce a key result, backlog item and AMB or as measured by. Understand how company goals relate to …

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Alignment Talk XI: WRS Organizational Structure

Purpose Understand how money serves as a proxy for value Understand how WRS in organized around the provision of customer value Understand why the WRS organizational structure exists in its present form

Alignment Talk X: Design Standard and Methodology

Purpose Create User Stories or Use Cases Apply the WRS Checklist to a Design Reference our evolving Design Standard Understand the WRS Design Methodology Have a common Definition of Done for our Design Standard