Front End Developer

Job Summary

The Frontend Developers are responsible for ensuring alignment of the application’s design with user experience requirements, optimizing the page for maximum efficiency, and maintaining consistency across the application. The Frontend Developer is a member of a development team within the SCRUM framework. This role requires an overlap with EST time from 7 am to 3pm EST or if preferred 9 am to 5pm EST.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Work in a multidisciplinary team with other professionals such as back-end developers and web designers
  • Optimize the application’s speed and scalability.
  • Remain consistent with our UX guidelines
  • Write reusable code and libraries
  • Bridge the gap between design and tech\nical implementation


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.
  • 5 Years’ Experience working in a similar position.
  • Communication skill


Must Have

PHP AND JavaScript AND React/Angular/VueJS/Vue.js AND CSS3/SASS/LESS

Very good to have:
React Hooks/Functional Programming ES6(ECMAScript2015)/ES7(ECMAScript2016)/ES8(ECMAScript2017)/ES9(ECMAScript2018)/TypeScript
OOP/Object-Oriented Programming, Design Pattern, SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), RESTful API/REST API/Web Services, TDD (Test Driven Development)

Company Summary

Voted #1 by PCMag in 2019, WRS Health is a cloud-based SaaS Electronic Health Record and Practice Management System service provider for independent medical practices in the United States. WRS Health seamlessly integrates all the clinical and business functions required for healthcare providers, including Electronic Medical Records, Revenue Cycle Management, Personal Health Records, Medication Management, Telehealth, Order Tracking, Scheduling, Reputation Management, and Billing.

Why join us

  • Make a positive impact on patient care by providing the best available medical practice solutions to our physician and medical practice clients.
  • Join a successful and continually growing USA-based company established in 1999 whose company size has doubled within the last 3 years.
  • Become part of a team-oriented environment while working from home.
  • Experience work/life balance by working during EST hours, allowing you to still enjoy time with your family during PH time. 
  • Participate in the growth & stability of a company with strong team presence in the Philippines and advancement opportunities.