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About WRS Health Company

WRS Terminology: How we speak?

Review some of the terminologies that the company uses at WRS and the Agile framework. This will foster clear communication and standardize processes and procedures amongst all WRS employees. Terminology Description Reference NPS Net Promoter Score. A metric that assesses customer satisfaction by measuring customer loyalty. Example: We ask our clients on a scale of …

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WRS Core Competencies

Company values, also known as core competencies, are central to our company and are values that every employee should possess. 1. Accountability We take responsibility for our work. We are willing to be held accountable by customers, patients, and employees. We do what we say we will do. Accountabilityto embody this, WRS employees should1. Clarify …

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The Mission and Vision of the Company

We enable excellence for our client’s medical practice WRS Health continually endeavors to provide the best available medical practice solutions to our physician and medical practice clients so that they can focus on caring for patients. 1. System Providing a System of Practice Optimization and Improvement informed by prioritized value and values. 2. Solution and …

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